Rise of New World Power

Rise of New World Power and Preparedness Food Storage Intro

In this video we will cover the developments that are effecting the rise of a new world power and we’ll introduce our 1 Year Food Storage Worksheet (which will be covered in depth in the next video).

In this video, we will explore:

  • Growing Political Tensions
  • Long-Term Debt Cycle (Which usually lasts for roughly 75 years, historically)
  • The Control of Our Supplies
  • Creating Discord Among the People
  • Controlling Education and Making Those With Opposing Views Seem Like Traitors
  • Media Manipulation
  • International Flexing
  • The Rise of a New World Power

Each of these elements collectively take place over the course of many years and ultimately come together to trigger a change in world super powers, and who will be the next dominant super power. You cannot be prepared for self-sufficiency, sustainability and self-reliance without having the ability to identify the shifts in world power.

Save the Excel Spreadsheet titled: Copy of Food Storage, by clicking the download button!

We will be covering this document more in depth in the next lesson!