Prepping 101 and Bob Yeager

At the heart of Prepping 101 is Bob Yeager, a passionate advocate for self-reliance and personal empowerment. As the proud creator of Prepping 101 and the owner of the Woodcraft League of America, Bob has dedicated his life to fostering a community that’s well-prepared for both the challenges of the wilderness and the complexities of the contemporary world.

Having recognized the increasing disconnect between people and their natural environment, Bob’s vision was clear: create an ecosystem where wilderness skills meet modern-day preparedness. His hands-on approach combines traditional woodcraft techniques with pragmatic prepping strategies, ensuring that every individual is well-equipped for any scenario, be it in the heart of a forest or the midst of an urban blackout.

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What Make Us Different​

Welcome to Prepping 101, a comprehensive platform dedicated to guiding individuals on their journey to resilience, readiness, and self-reliance. Here, we bridge the gap between the wilderness and the modern world, equipping you with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to not just survive, but thrive.

We Educate​

Learn to be more prepared through videos, articles, reports and interviews.​

We Thrive

Don’t just survive, thrive while increasing your personal economy and setting goals.

We Prepare​

Expert advice on emergency preparedness, survival, self-aid and more.

We Empower

Develop a “Prepper Mindset” and enhance your ability to thrive in stressful situations.

A Holistic Approach to Preparedness and Empowerment

Beyond just practical skills, Prepping 101, under Bob’s leadership, delves deep into the realms of entrepreneurship and personal empowerment. We understand that readiness isn’t just about having the right gear or knowing how to start a fire. It’s about cultivating a mindset that’s proactive, adaptable, and resilient. It’s about forging a future where you’re in control, whether you’re navigating the challenges of the business world or finding your way in uncharted territories.

Through a collaborative, evidence-based approach we strive to prepare you for crisis, emergencies, and to thrive in today’s world.​

Join Us on a Journey of Discovery and Mastery

With Prepping 101, you’re not just accessing a website; you’re becoming a part of a vibrant community. Here, every query is addressed, every challenge is a learning opportunity, and every member plays a crucial role in our collective journey towards self-sufficiency.

So, whether you’re looking to master wilderness skills, seeking strategies for urban survival, or aiming to empower yourself in today’s dynamic world, Prepping 101, led by Bob Yeager, is your ultimate guide.

Embrace the adventure. Equip yourself for the future. Welcome to Prepping 101.

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